Dry Red Chilli

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Chilli is the dried fruit of an annual sub-herb. It is also called as capsicum, paprika, sweet pepper, red pepper, pimento, cayenne pepper etc depending upon the manner in which it is prepared and used.

Chilli comes in a wide range of shapes, sizes, color and degrees of pungency. Some varieties of chilli are highly pungent, medium pungent, others flavorsome but not pungent.

Chilli is grown in several parts of the world as a 'round - the- year crop'. India is the foremost producer and exporter of chilli.

Some of them are Kashmiri Red Chilli, Guntur chilli, Salem Gundu Salem Gundu (Ramnad Mundu) chilli, Byadagi (Kaddi) Chilli, Dhani chilli, Jwala Chilli, Kanthari Chilli, Warangal Chappatta (Tomato Red Chilli), Bhut Jolokia etc..

Dry Red Chilli Varieties


Bhut Jolokia

It is known as ghost pepper also. It is one of thewell known chillies of India. It was known as hottest chilli before dethroned by Infinity Chilli in 2011. This chilli is used in Northe-Eastern cousins commonly.


Kashmiri Mirch

It comes in vibrant red colour & mild taste. It can be used in normal vegetable, gravies, and stews; it is widely used in sauces, marinades, and pickles due to its bright colour.


Guntur Sannam (S4) Chilli

Guntur Sannam (S4) Chilli is found in Andhra Pradesh. Rating of this chilli on the Scoville Scale is 30,000 to 40,000 SHU.It gives perfect red colour & spice to your dish. They are named after the district, Guntur, where it is largely grown.


Jwala Chilli

Jwala Chilli is found in Gujarat. Rating of this on the Scoville Scale is 20,000 to 30,000 SHU. They are also known as the finger hot pepper. Mainly it is cultivated in Western & Southern Gujarat. Mostly they are consumed as green chilli.


Kaddi Chilli (Byadagi)

Kaddi Chilli is found in Karnataka & Tamil Nadu. Rating of this on the Scoville Scale is 8,000 to 15,000 SHU. This chilli comes with bright red colour, long structure, and thin and crinkly exterior, are comparatively less pungent.


Warangal Chappatta (Tomato Red Chilli)

They are found in Telangana. Rating on the Scoville Scale is Zero SHU. This is low heat varieties of red chillies that have a round shape and deep red colour. They are commonly used for colour extraction and tempering.