About Us

Rishi Global is one of the leading Indian processors and exporters

Rishi Global focusing on providing food services. With immense experience in the food industry, Rishi Global are a leading exporter of all kinds of Indian Rice, Cooking Oils, Dal / Pulses, Spices, Cotton, Dry Red Chilli and many more, to a number of destinations around the globe. With several partnerships with buyers across multiple countries, we have grown to be among the go-to companies for food export from India.

From sowing seeds to bringing the product to you, we take care of everything with extreme care in natural methods to ensure no loss of nutrients qualities, vitamins and minerals. We want you to eat healthy and make this world healthy!

It said that to facilitate trade with major importing countries, negotiations are underway with Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Australia, UAE, New Zealand for achieving mutual recognition agreements for exports of organic products from India.

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We consider Customers as an integral and important part of our Business and constantly endeavour to strengthen relationships with customers by offering excellent quality products, competitive prices and outstanding services


Our Mission

Our mission is to create our presence in every part of the world with our fully Integrated Business Model, Customer Centric Products, Reliable Commitments, unmatched quality, timely services and Ethical Business practices. As one of the world's leading Basmati manufacturers and exporters, we are dedicated to delivering superior quality to our customers.


Our Vision

Rishi Global primarily focuses on the transparency with its customers. With the help of our customer friendly way of working, over the years we have built relations that have evolved on the dictates of Heart rather than Mind. We strongly believe that the client is the only asset to our operations, without which our existence would not be valued.