Who we are

At Rishi Global Exports, quality, hygiene and customer satisfaction is our passion and primary moto that drives us to deliver the most delectable delicacies and world class products that serves all the international standards of quality and hygiene.

Excellent working conditions are maintained for producing an exotic range of Indian snacks and other products. Regular tests and checks are done on our products to ascertain only high quality products to our customers.

We offer an impressive range of nutritious Indian food like Rice, Cooking Oils, Spices, Dal / Pulses, Cotton, Dry Red Chilli etc. to the world. We have also been dealing into more than 10000 products such as Foods, Snacks(Namkeens), Spices, Lentils, Groceries, Flours, Kitchen Utensils, Handicrafts, Households, etc.

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Our Exports

What we do offer


Rice is the main staple for most of the countries. India is known for its quality of rice cultivation of different forms and types worldwide.
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Cooking Oils

Cooking oil is a fluid form of oil widely used in deep-fried food and other Indian cooking. The oil that we practice for cooking is extracted from various plants, nuts, and seeds.
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India produces a wide range of spices and holds a prominent position in world spice production. Because of the varying climates - from tropical to temperate-almost all spices grow in India.
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Dal / Pulses

We offer an impressive range of nutritious Indian dal like Toor Dal, Arhar Daal, Organic Toor Dal, Whole White Toor, Red Gram, Whole Red Gram etc. to the world.
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The cotton export data is taken from ports across the country. Today India is the second-largest textile exporter in the world.
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Dry Red Chilli

Chilli is the dried fruit of an annual sub-herb. It is also called as capsicum, paprika, sweet pepper, red pepper, pimento, cayenne pepper.
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Why Us

Quality of the products

Specialize in Consolidated Container Stuffing

  • We offer stuffing of single product to multiple numbers of items / products in a container.
  • We offer stuffing in one container from single product to multiple number of items / products.
  • Designing multiple containers from received bulk orders as per customer requirement.

The superior quality of packaging ensures moisture proof long shelf life

Understanding the needs of our customer, we take special care of the products while packing to ensure their saftey, purity & hygiene. The superior quality of packaging ensures moisture proof long shelf life, quality and easy storage of products. Our packaging unit is equipped with sophisticated packing machines for high standard of quality output.

Rodent & Pest Free Environment

Purchases are procured directly from manufacturers / authorized distributors & suppliers.
All products packed in our warehouse pass through stringent set system for quality control.
Rodent & Pest Free Environment: Packaging department as per US FDA compliance including rodent / pest free.

We can sterilize spices to control micro contamination in spices to required level

Greater flavor retention, extended product shelf life, improved product appearance and texture, prevent microbial contamination and degradition of the product. We can sterilize spices to control micro contamination in spices to required level.At Rishi Global we are totally committed towards the demand and supply. The modern well established processing plant, fully committed & well trained staff , regular market research, understanding the modern tastes and immediate switch over practice which made us strongly root our stand in this competitive markets.

Contact us to understand what best we can do for you.

We consider Customers as an integral and important part of our Business and constantly endeavour to strengthen relationships with customers by offering excellent quality products, competitive prices and outstanding services

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What they are saying about us

Rishi Global, You made my day today. Yesterday I have placed the order I got it today on special delivery. Good Service, Testy Product, Responsiveness. Keep it up.

Saul Goodman

Store Owner

Tasmania, Australia

Thank you for your food. It’s so fresh and it takes the work and guess-work out of my busy store when it comes to selling. Rishi Global is AWESOME! You have a customer for life!

Sara Wilsson


Tuscany, Italy

I have been using these products for several yrs. Rishi Global. Time saving. Prompt delivery. Problem free

Jena Karlis


Tokyo, Japan

Quality product, quick and easy to make. Really helpful in this fast paced life. Great taste and highly recommended.

Matt Brandon


Texus, USA

Love their organic high quality selections. Great customer service. Recommend to all my friends and family!



Dubai, UAE

Dear Rishi Global, this is by far, not only the best in terms of quality, but also in sophistication and value.

Pratap Singh


Punjab, India